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Internet + Mobile + Telf. fixed

Internet, fixed and mobile telf. 59,29 €/month vat inc.

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30,25 € vat inc. per month term contract.

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36,30 € vat inc. per month term contract.

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42,35 € vat inc. per month term contract.

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Now we also offer Internet access service 4G, in Lorca, Águilas and Puerto Lumbreras.
High capacities, without fixed antenna, just plug it to electricity.
You have high skills and mobility.
Call us at 902 92 99 72 and find out or hires from here

If you are a customer and we recommend, GIVE you one month free.+ info


If you are a customer, the second installation you out to HALF PRICE.+ info


Signing a contract of 12 months, your connection will be duplicated.+ info


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Asistencia Técnica on-line

Le informamos que el presente servicio de asistencia técnica on-line se incorpora al contrato de prestación de servicios que Wimax On Line S.L. tiene suscrito con el cliente y cuya clausula le detallamos a continuación:

16. Asistencia técnica on line.

El servicio de asistencia técnica on line tiene como finalidad solucionar cualquier incidencia que permita a Wimax On Line S.L. prestar de forma óptima el servicio contratado por el cliente. En ningún momento de la asistencia Wimax On Line S.L. incorpora datos del cliente a sus sistemas de información.


On-line Technical Assistance

Please note that this technical support on-line joins the contract to provide services that Wimax On line S.L. has with the client and which we detail below clause:

16. On-line Technical Assistance.

The technical support on line is intended to solve any problem that allows Wimax On line S.L. optimally provide the service contracted by the client. At no time attendance Wimax On line S.L. incorporates customer data information systems.


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